What will be the outcome?

Glad you asked. Here are some of things you will be able to do:

  • Lead the implementation of event-driven analytics and engagement tools, starting with the ultimate Data Tracking Plan

  • Gather clean and consistent data and overcome challenges that crop up along the way

  • Ask the right questions of your data in order to better understand user behaviour

  • Identify opportunities to collect data and act upon it to elevate the customer experience

  • Build better products, provide better experiences, and have better conversations

And what will I learn?

You will learn everything you need to know about Customer Data. Here's a brief overview:

  • Entities and what Entity Data looks like

  • Events and what Event Data looks like

  • Data Types and their relevance

  • Components of Event Data

  • Applications of Event Data

  • The process of gathering Event Data

  • The role and types of Entity Data

  • The process of gathering Entity Data

  • Deciding which events to track and what data to gather

  • The end-to-end process of creating your own Tracking Plan

Okay but is it really for me?

Well, it definitely is if you are:

  • Building a SaaS or a tech-enabled product and looking to learn about data infrastructure in order to make better decisions

  • In a product role looking to harness customer data by implementing a customer data platform (CDP) such as Segment and event-driven solutions such as Mixpanel, Customer.io, and Userflow

  • In a growth, marketing, or customer success role looking to engage users by triggering messages and experiences based on their actions inside your product

  • In a sales or partnerships role looking to have better conversations with prospects by understanding who your users are (personas) and what are the different ways your product is used (cohorts or segments)

  • In any other customer-facing role looking to accelerate your career by levelling up your knowledge about customer data and learning how to work with data in general

  • Planning to do any of the above

Cool! Notify me when the course launches